IMI Announcement: Cultural Competency Certification Criteria

As my credentials state, I am a International Mediation Institute (IMI) certified mediator. I beleive in the mission of IMI- to create a global certification scheme (administered by a group that does not provide services, trainings, etc.) which will help parties find suitable and highly qualified mediators for their dispute.

IMI recently announced, "IMI Launch Consultation on IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Certification Criteria" which I think is of interest to both certified members of IMI as well as non-member, professional mediators. Note that comments re welcome through April 30, 2011. I hope to have a representative of IMI or someone who developed the criteria on a ADRhub Podcast Series episode in April.

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IMI Launch Consultation on IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Certification Criteria

25 March 2011

The Inter-Cultural Taskforce of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC), after a year of meetings and consultation, is publishing for comment Draft Criteria for the planned IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Certification of Mediators.Organisations approved by the ISC as an Inter-Cultural Qualifying Assessment Program (ICQAP) will assess mediators for their mastery of inter-cultural dynamics and qualify mediators for IMI Inter-Cultural Certification.

The launch of this new initiative is planned for late 2011 following a public consultation period and testing of the criteria in a pilot program.

This initiative has attracted much interest and support from users, mediators, trainers and providers and will be presented at the 13th Annual Spring Conference of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution in Denver in April 2011.

Comments on the criteria are invited by April 30, 2011 and can be sent to

All comments received will be greatly appreciated and individually acknowledged.

To read the draft Criteria, please click here

To download the draft Criteria in PDF, please click here

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