ODR Being Taught To Mediators & Arbitrators

This story seems interesting but is it very short and leaves me with some questions. From the article:

A HOLYWELL lawyer is spearheading a pioneering project which could see legal disputes in future sorted out away from the courtroom and over the internet.

Graham Ross is currently training arbitrators and mediators across Europe for the Chamber of Arbitration in Milan, about the techniques of using online technology, and in particular in the development of trust between people who never meet in person.

Unfortunately, the article does not go further into what types of ODR the arbitrators and mediators are being taught. Using my detective skills (he-he), I was able to find that Graham is associated with http://www.themediationroom1.com/ (why the "1"?)

Graham's bio from the site:

Graham Ross,Managing Director, is a retired solicitor now in practice as a commercial mediator. Graham has over 20 years experience in IT and the law, is the author of legal applications software (including he original version of the QUILL solicitor's accounts and time recording package) and was the founder of LAWTEL, the popular web-based legal information update service.

Graham is a member of the United Nations Expert Panel on Online Dispute Resolution and speaks regularly at international conferences on the impact of the law on the Internet and e-commerce and on technology in the judiciary and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Graham was host of the 5th International Conference on Online Dispute Resolution held in Liverpool, UK, in 2007 in collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) . Graham is also a member of the Working Party of the European Committee on Standardisation (CEN) developing a taxonomy for Online Dispute Resolution.

As a solicitor Graham had considerable experience in clinical negligence and in major high profile personal injury and product liability group actions, including the successful action against the UK Government for HIV infected haemophiliacs (which he founded and led) and was a member of the steering committee that negotiated the largest ever group settlement, being for miners made ill by coal dust inhalation).

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