Building Trust in Volatile Situations

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The recent "Siege in Sydney" provided me with the chance to consider how the Trust Edge illustrates a workable approach even in the most volatile, life-threatening and unpredictable situations. Police and military forces around the world have developed specific protocols for obtaining the safe release of hostages in an increasingly dangerous world. These protocols were born out of the aftermath of the 1972 Olympic hostage crisis in Munich, which tragically ended with the deaths of 9 hostages and one police officer. Wishing to get better results when similar incidents happened in the future, teams of professional negotiators, law enforcement and military personnel have developed a better way of managing these terrible situations...similar in many ways to the Trust Edge.

David then talks about the C's

  • Compassion
  • Connection & Connectivity
  • Commitment
  • Conclusion
I encourage you to read the full article [HERE]. 
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New NYPD Training: Conflict Resolution, Crisis Communication & "Smart Policing"

Have a look everyone, especially "Day 2":

New NYPD 3-Day Training For Officers Promotes "Smart Policing"

Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton gave details on the NYPD's new three-day training that all officers will attend.

The three day training will cover different topics ranging from using discretion, effective communication techniques to de-escalate situations, and tactical skills.

Approximately 20 thousand patrol officers will be trained first and then the remaining members of the Department will receive the training. The NYPD members being trained includes police officers as well as supervisors and police executives. Officers from the same commands will be training together to help them work as a team while performing patrol in the communities they serve.
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