New School Year, New Research

As some people might know already, I am currently conducting research at Columbia University Law School as a Research Fellow for the 2013/14 academic year.  One of the core areas I am researching is Crisis and Hostage Negotiations.

Over the course of the year, I will share any valuable insights I get from research and those I find in other studies and articles.

One quick bit of information I will share already is the confusion of is it crisis negotiation or hostage negotiation... or both?  The quick answer (and I'll add more in a future article) is there has been a trend to move towards using the word "crisis" instead of "hostage."

The reason being, the law enforcement officials whose role includes that of a negotiator involves hostage situations only 4% percent of the time.  That means 96% of the incidents they respond to are crisis situations not involving a hostage being taken.

Looking forward to a productive school year!

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