Farah Pandith TEDx Boston Talk: "Dismantle" Hate With "Counter-Narratives"

Watch of this TEDx Boston event featuring peace and conflict resolution promoter, Farah Pandith.  She is also the first ever US Department of State Special Representative to Muslim Communities. She talks about the global Muslim youth community, perspectives, and particularly the diversity of what it means to be Muslim.
She mentions where do you young people (young Muslims in the examples she provides) go for answers? Often, it is the Internet and it provides an opportunity for extremists to provide guidance to these young people. Special Representative concludes however hope is not lost but rather building connections through communication helps "dismantle" hate and provide a "counter-narrative."  She adds some inspirational stories of how Muslim young adults are doing this across the globe.
Instead of me trying to provide any information or a recap, do yourself a favor and watch the video.  Not only the content is worth listening to but Special Representative Pandith is also a worthy presenter.

Want to read more about the work of Special Representation? Read this article on empathy [HERE]
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