6 Negotiation Mistakes

Men's Health writer Kasey Panetta share's ten tips that according to a recent research study in the Journal in Experimental Social Psychology, you should avoid when negotiating.  

Have a look at each, and let me know what you think.  Click the link below for more on each and to read the full article:
  1. Faking anger in a negotiation only results in demands from your opponent, while genuine anger will get you concessions
  2. You’re way too literal about deadlines.
  3. You concentrate on what you want, not what they can give you.
  4. You push through, even when you need a break.
  5. You jump in before doing your homework.
  6. You have an “all or nothing” mentality.
Reviewing each of the above, they do not seem all to absurd or far off- if anything they could be easily described as obvious.  Even if you think this is the case, at least now there is research grounding what often seems to be comments backed only by anecdotal stories or saying "I heard from many others."

This type of research I think is what we need more of in our field- not taking many skills for being obvious but rather testing these assumptions and seeing how they play out in a study.  I see it as a convergence of the "art" and "science."  I look forward to reading the full article in the journal.

Read the article [HERE]

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Language & Colors Explain How Everything is the Same But Different

Conflict and disputes emerge due to varying perspectives, opinions, and values.  Often, as professionals helping people in conflict, we hear people say:

  • "How else could they see it?" 
  • "They had to have known."
  • "Gimme a break, why else would I have do that?"
  • "I know I am right- it's a fact."

Before you say, yes Jeff, we know this and as professionals, our jobs is to open perspectives, build empathy, and see things from a different perspective, take a look at the video below.  It describes colors and how language and words for colors show how people viewing the same thing see things differently.  

Its a great reminder how easy it is for conflict, misunderstandings, and disputes can develop, even in 'simple' situations.

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