Does Your Beard Make You A Better Mediator?

Have some fun with the collection of nonverbal communication research I gathered below.  What are your thoughts on the differences between men and women?  How does this apply (or not apply!) to the mediation profession?  I think all of us, whether we are short men, men with beards or attractive women (and everyone else!), we can drawn on personal reflections that relate to each of these. 

At the very least, enjoy! 

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Women are Less Influential

A study showed women were less influential, especially with men.  Further, the same study showed that women can be perceived as competent with men when they are also using immediacy and rapport building cues such as smiling and head nodding.  For women, it seems competence without these immediacy cues did not equate to effectiveness in regards to being influential with men. (Carli, 2001)

Beards (for Men!) Equals Dominance!

Beards increase men's perceived head size and consequently increases dominance. (Mehrabian, 1976)

Hey Doc!

Women Physicians spend an average of 2 minutes longer talking to their patients compared to male physicians and engage in more rapport building/patient centeredness (Roter, Hall, & Aoki, 2002).

Short Men Need Not Apply

Tall men get hired more often; improves overall chances of success (Mehrabian, 1977); are perceived to be more attractive; have a greater chance for advancement within a corporation (Morris, 1977); have higherself-esteem, more likely to have a leadership position, and make more money (Jung & Cable, 2004).

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