Metaphors & Mediators

Have a look at my latest blog posting at on metaphors.  I invite conflict resolution practitioners to check it out from the lens of the work you do.  If you are  guiding people through conflict and disputes, are you aware of the metaphors you use?  Are you aware of the metaphors they use?
Do your metaphors help you in trying to help a situation go from confrontational towards collaboration?
Have you noticed the metaphors used in this post?
I hope you enjoy:

Metaphors- Getting Past Boredom!

A metaphor is used about every 10-25 words. With that knowledge, it is important to know how metaphors shape our thoughts, emotions, and our body language. Noticing metaphors also happens to be a fun way to pass time. Read More


  1. jeff. nice article. I love looking at metaphors. there is a lot of research on story telling and metaphors are part of that.

  2. Thanks Steve,

    Care to share of any of the research articles?

    Thanks in advance :)



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