Using Semiotics With Conflict Resolution

Below is my newest article on semiotics and nonverbal communication.  Of course the 'spin' from the mediation and the conflict resolution perspective is, in order to be effective at helping and guiding parties who are involved in conflicts and disputes, we must be cognitive of all the elements that exist.  

Using, for example the wheel (or circle) of conflict helps you as the professional prepare and then work with the parties to identify all the issues.  Using semiotics helps ensure that all the elements are identified, and thus helps you help them as best as you can.


Semiotics & Nonverbal Communication

I often explain, for me, the most effective way to fully understand all the nonverbal communication elements present during a situation is through semiotics, specifically social semiotic analysis.  I describe the social semiotic approach to nonverbal communication as pulling back the veil of ambiguity of nonverbal communication cues and elements by making what is implicit explicit- connecting the micro cues (specific gestures and movements) with macro cues (rapport, empathy, professionalism, etc.)
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November Webinar

Webinar 11/16 6pm est: How Mediators Can Manage Their Own Differences Constructively (FREE)

How mediators can manage their own differences constructively
This session will explore how mediators can manage more effectively the inevitable differences that arise because of the wide diversity of professional backgrounds, training, and needs within the mediation community.
Ewan Malcolm's research demonstrates that there can, at times, be a dissonance between the words and actions of mediators. The gap between our beliefs as conflict professionals and our behaviors in conflicts can adversely impact our credibility as mediators.

WHEN: Wedesday, November, 16th
TIME: 6pm - 7pm est
FREE: spots limited

About Ewan:
Ewan Malcolm is a very experienced mediation professional who works in New York and the United Kingdom. As a thought-leader and a well-respected practitioner, he has pioneered the development of mediation in Scotland.
He has been described as a "magnet for serious and innovative people, who can appreciate the value of his own work and above all the rewards of working in collaboration with such an inspiring and effective person."  Ewan was named Mediator of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland 2008. He is a Board Member of ACR GNY and it their Conference Chair for 2012.
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