White Socks & Mediation

The following post is originally from my other blog which is covers my research as I venture towards a PhD degree at Griffith University Law School.  The topic is on nonverbal communication and mediation.  The post below I believe has direct relevance... aside of questioning the wearing of white socks with a business suit.  

Have a read below looking at the pictures and video from your professional conflict resolution perspective and ask yourself the following questions while you reflect on it- could you pick the slight/quick cues during a mediation?  Do you think you ever "leak" these type of cues?  What can you do to be more aware of these type of nonverbal cues?


One of my favorite ways to keep my skills sharp in decoding nonverbal communication cues is by watching television, especially the Sunday morning political discussion programs. A favorite of mine is the U.S. based "This Week" on ABC.

Usual host Christiane Amanpour was off (someone who I have researched and mentioned on this blog previously here), so Jake Tapper took the reins for the August 28th episode and didn't fail with offering some nonverbal communication information for me to share.

First, the highlight and subject of the title- finger pointing and tongue sticking!
You can watch the video here and jump straight to the 10 minute mark. If you do not want to read my analysis prior to watching, stop reading and watch the video now.
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Notice the condescending nature of Donna Brazile pointing her finger (scolding-like, reminds me of a teacher yelling at me while in primary school!) while leaning forward.
Then, George Will responds by defending himself, and offers two great micro-expressions. First the extended blink (closing her off- both the site of her and her comment) then, and to further emphasis his disagreeing with her comments, he sticks his tongue out at her. Really.
I was able to get a picture of it below. Trust me, it was very quick.

Next, moving onto (actually back to) our host Jake Tapper. In my METTA acronym, "A" is for appearance- any thoughts on his color selection of socks?
Prior to George sticking his tongue out at Donna, a few minutes earlier he "shot" down her comments with the famous "I want you to stop talking, I don't agree" 'shoot'em down' gesture.

Back to Donna, in this picture notice her eyebrows.  Here she is listening to Cokie Roberts and not neutrally analyzing her comments, but rather from a negative perspective.

For the last picture, you tell me what you see in this picture.  George Will is speaking (on the right) and the others are listening. See anything?

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