Semiotics & Nonverbal Communication (Conflict Analysis)

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I thought the following article I published at would be of interest to some.  If we look at our nonverbal communication as well as that of others, it can help us be more effective in engaging and assisting those in conflict.


Semiotics & Nonverbal Communication

by Jeff Thompson| Brisbane, Australia

Sunday, 18 September 2011
tags: australasia, making sense, semiotics

Semiotics, is the study and understanding of signs.  Signs are not limited to what comes to mind for most people- billboards, advertisements and storefront displays.  Rather, semiotics, and more specifically social semiotics is the study of how we interact and communicate with others by analysing the different channels of communication being used.  Often, many of these channels are based on nonverbal elements and cues.
During any interaction with another person, we are communicating with each other constantly, primarily through nonverbal channels.  This is occurring through multiple channels and is both strategic and non-strategic (or intentional and unintentional).  This includes body language, voice tone, clothing and adornments, the environment, timing, and touch.
To envision all the different nonverbal elements present in any given situation, picture a black, blank screen in front of you.  Now imagine dozens of circles, of different colors and sizes, appearing and disappearing with the timing of each varying while consuming the majority of the screen replacing the black portions...


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