Join Me: Sept. 19th, 6-8pm

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick message for my friends in Scotland and the rest of the UK that I will be giving a talk at Strathclyde University titled:

The Science & Art of Nonverbal Communication: What Mediators Need To Know

This interactive workshop will combine academic nonverbal communicationresearch with its practical use for mediators. Nonverbal communication is fun to talk about yet also have a significant impact during our mediation sessions.  As conflict and communication specialists, it is important for us to be aware of our nonverbal cues as well as those used by others.

Jeff Thompson will share important information based on research (his and others) and offer it in a way you can apply it to your practice.  He share’s his METTA acronym as a way to be aware of all the present nonverbal elements.

Jeff Thompson is a professional mediator certified with the New York Peace Institute and the International Mediation Institute. He is currently a PhD candidate at Griffith University Law School in Australia, researching nonverbal communication. Jeff is also an NYPD Detective. Follow Jeff on twitter at @NonverbalPhD & @MediatorJeff.

Monday, September 19th, 20106pm – 8pm

Strathclyde Law School, room 716

For the Young mediators group the fee is £25 for members of SMN and£50 for non- members.

Special thanks to Charlie Irvine for arranging this event.

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