Sketchnoting For Mediators & Conflict Professionals

Words on paper (or screen) are sometimes just too plain and boring. I have read somewhere (actually here) that pictures help with recollection more than words while pictures and words combined are even better than just pictures.

I came across a tweet on sketchnoting and thought:

1) Hey, this looks pretty interesting.

2) What exactly is this that I think is interesting?

3) I need to learn more about this and then try it out myself.

Sketching noting is a method of note-taking. Instead of just a simple method of jotting down words, sketchnoting combines drawings with words to make the notes much more lively. The advantage for mediators and conflict resolution professionals can be using this method to not only help you recall information but also for those who teach and train others.

Brad Heckman of the New York Peace Institute does incredible drawings as part of his seminars workshops and trainings and not only is creative and makes the events more exciting- it helps me recall the information much better than alternatives (PowerPoint, lists, and notes).

Below is my first attempt at sketchnoting (click here to enlarge)- it of me offering a way for mediators and conflict resolution professionals to more easily recall my METTA acronym which raises awareness of all the nonverbal communication elements that exist while we are engaged in our work. (Read more on METTA here)

Three really good sites to learn more about sketchnoting are here:

  1. Eva Lotta Lamm's blog which gives a great overview of sketchnoting and site where she sells a book of her sketchnotes
  2. A slide-show explaining sketchnoting [HERE]
  3. Sketchnote Army- a good collection of examples
So, mediators and conflict professionals- do you sketchnote already? Do you think it can be helpful?

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