3 Minute Thesis Contest: Nonverbal Communication & Mediation

Well, most of 'loyal' readers know by know that I am doing a PhD on Nonverbal Communication. Have a look at my YouTube submission for Griffith University's "3 Minute Thesis Contest" in which each contestant has to describe their thesis for an academic audience in, you guessed it, only three minutes.

The three main concepts of my research, and described below, are Nonverbal Communication, Mediation, Semiotics, Ethnography and Thin Slice Methodology.

Below the video is also the Prezi presentation as I know it is not easy to see it clearly on the video.

Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!


  1. That's a lot of information in 3 minutes! Great presentation/pitch Jeff, looking forward to reading your thesis and hope for more videos on this topic. Very informative!


    P.S. great nonverbal communication in your presentation :)

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Although my final thesis will not be completed for a few years, I plan to release preliminary results as the process continues. The first opportunity is in Sept of this year with the NY Peace Inst.
    Check their site: www.NYpeace.org


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