Conflict Resolution & Nonverbal Communication Suggested Readings

Join Me!

I will be presenting at the 10th annual ACRGNY (Association for Conflict Resolution- Greater New York Chapter) Conference this Thursday, June 23 starting at 8am.

My presentation is titled "Nonverbal Communication & Conflict Resolution: It Does Matter!"

For those attending (and even if you are not), here's some suggested reading and viewing prior to attending the workshop:

Mediation Failures to Be Blamed on Chairs ( article)

Brief Explanation of the METTA Acronym ( article)

Semiotics of Nonverbal Communication ( presentation)

Adaptors (self & object) ( articles)

Free Coffee & Rapport ( article)

Reflective Practice For Mediators ( video)

What Your Body Is Saying About You (Tweed Daily News- article)

[Register for the event HERE] [Read more on the event HERE] [Workshop descriptions HERE]

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