Let's Here It For Research! (Hip Hip...)

If anyone felt like asking me to talk (briefly) about my current research, this is what I would say (today at least):

The unique nature of mediation- mediators interpret and adapt the foundational elements to fit their unique style and practice as well as to each specific case makes it most appropriate for qualitative analysis to be used to study it.

For example, the exploration of communication, specifically nonverbal channels, will not attempt to set a standard for the profession or develop 'theory' to be broadly implemented but rather identify critical elements used by individual mediators as well as a collection of predefined successful, experienced mediators.

The intended result of identifying these critical elements is to make plausible explanations allowing those in our field- both academia as well as professionals and practitioners- to reflect and apply the presented explanations to make mediators more effective in the services we provide.


I hope to have at least 7 responses from the various places I am posting this (twitter @nonverbalphd, @mediatorjeff, @ADRhub, EnjoyMediation, ADRhub, & Peace and Collaborative Network).

I plan on holding my breath too. I added the picture by the way to increase a response as I am smiling after all.

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