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Noam Ebner- Whenever I teach ODR, I assign students a search-and-report assignment, asking them to run down and discuss different types of sites and services. This combines their (assumed) interest in learning what is going on in ODR, with my own interest in staying on top of things. Of course, many students report on oft-discussed service providers who have been in the ODR market for years. Others report on new service providers who are just setting up practice (or, who have just set up their website).

Finally, every now and then, more courageous reporters venture outside established ODR territory and share information on new online services being set up in industries far removed from the dispute resolution field. These last services, processes and platforms interest me a great deal, as I discussed in a recent post. I think that as industries and agencies develop them, embed them in their operations, become dependent on them and train the public to use them – ODR will benefit by having a more tech-savvy, less anxious and more trusting public as its client-base, with many of the traditional inhibitions against ODR a thing of their past.

Jason Dykstra- A few weekends ago I went on a youth retreat. The theme was "Back to the Basics" and required all participants to leave computers, phones, Ipods, etc. at home. When I heard this part, I started shaking...a whole weekend without a computer and a phone? What was I going to do? I couldn't go on Twitter or Facebook what was I going to do?

...Scott Stratten talks primarily about social media, and building relationships on social media as a way to market your business. Scott is a "fairly big deal on a fairly relevant social media site" and he gave this talk at a TedX in Oakville (See video below), it's a little different then the keynotes he gives, but I love this video. I've watched it many, many times.

The Centre for Peace and Social Justice is delighted to launch a series of The Peace Forum designed to bring together a community of inter-
disciplinary scholars and practitioners to engage in peace and social justice issues.

University of New Mexico Ombuds Train Faculty Mediators

In 2010, the UNM Office of Ombuds/Dispute Resolution Services for Faculty trained 14 faculty members to serve as mediators for campus conflict that involve other faculty. The new UNM faculty mediators join 92 other faculty members who have previously completed the training. Jean Civikly-Powell is the UNM Ombuds and Carolina Yahne is the Association Ombuds. (UNM ODR Newsletter.)

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