CPSJ Launches Peace Forum

I am happy to announce the following event below, which I will be attending. I am a community member of the hosting organization, The Centre for Peace and Social Justice at Southern Cross University (Gold Coast, Australia), which I will also be doing a workshop with one of the Centre's principal researchers , Bee Chen Goh, later this month on nonverbal communication and mediation.

The Centre for Peace and Social Justice is delighted to launch a series of The Peace Forum designed to bring together a community of inter-disciplinary scholars and practitioners to engage in peace and social justice issues.

Our Chancellor, The Hon John Dowd AO QC, has graciously agreed to
launch The Peace Forum on Monday 7th March 2011 at 12-2pm (Qld)
Beachside Campus Room A3.16A.

I am particularly pleased to welcome back Mr Alan Chan, Chairman of Petroships Investment Pte Ltd (Singapore) and a Corporate Associate of the Institute of Policy Studies, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, who is also a Community Member of the Centre for Peace and Social Justice. Mr Chan will deliver the inaugural and free public presentation, details below.
The Presentation will be recorded and available as a web podcast.

The topic of the first event is:
Sublimation of Character

Philosophy may at times appear to be elusive, largely due to inter-school contradictions and esoteric concepts. Let's focus on an area that is secular and practicable. Ancient Chinese philosophies blossomed over two thousand years ago. Much fantasy has been fused into them before and after. That has to be winnowed away. Counsel was unwittingly given by Socrates for scholars to be skeptical. The focus is on Zengzi, credited with the compilation of the classic "Great Learning" meant for mature students. We shall learn of his technique of character cultivation. The other two pre-eminent Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle will add substance in governance and social grace to the demeanor of accomplished gentlemen or"Junzi"

I hope to see you there- Enjoy!

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