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Dynamics of Conflict Resolution--2nd Edition

Bernie Mayer- Hello friends and colleagues. For the last several months I have been working on a second edition of my 2000 bookThe Dynamics of Conflict Resolution: A Practitioner’s Guide.


In this new edition, I am trying to update the examples, bring in some of the very interesting work that has been done on conflict systems, and bring to bear the thinking that went into by next two books: Beyond Neutrality and Staying With Conflict. Many of you have read Dynamics, had it assigned to you, or used it as at text. I would very much enjoy hearing your suggestions for this revision.

NAFCM, the National Association for Community Mediation, has now released its 2011 Call for Nominations to its Board of Directors. If you're involved and/or interested in community mediation and would like to make a difference from atop the NAFCM platform, consider submitting your nomination today.

We're looking for candidates from all backgrounds, and skill sets who are unified in their desire to advance the critical work of dedicated community mediation program staffs and their volunteer mediators.
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Sometimes The Amygdala Rules

By John C. Turley


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