Mediation Rally Across The Nation 01.19.11

"Hmmm, is she being evaluative here?"

(new television show on mediation debuts 01.19.11, above is the star of the show who portrays a mediator)

Mediation Rally Not Offering Color Cookies!

This is no joke, for those thinking the new show Fairly Legal is what will make mediation [insert any word you want such as popular, sexy, cool, known, etc], I just read this about their promo:

...Well, the USA Network thinks rallies to promote mediation are the answer and will hold events at Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square on Wednesday. With gray cookies. And signs reading, "No Litigation, Only Mediation."

So, who's going to be there to support mediation and who's going for the free gray cookies?

And finally, with all the comments I choose to share with everyone, I pick this:

Why gray cookies? Why not numerous colors as in the variety of options mediation offers?

Yes, I just commented on the color of free cookies being offered.


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  1. What exactly is a grey cookie and how do you cook `em? What a laugh


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