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The latest issue of the Nevada Law Journal is out and it is free to view and download. Looks like some great papers, with a few I already plan to read and review later in the week. SYMPOSIUM: MINDFULNESS, EMOTIONS, AND ETHICS IN LAW AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION

After watching Ury's TED Talk, discuss it [HERE]

Nasri Barakat is a full time arbitrator and mediator who started his practice in 1994. He is fluent in French and Arabic. His areas of expertise include commercial business, domestic and international business with emphasis on insurance and reinsurance matters. He is certified as an arbitrator and umpire with ARIAS-US. Nasri is also listed on the Roster of Neutrals of the American Arbitration Association,

New York Times Blog- Andrew C. Revkin- Then I was fascinated to see that the very next booth held the antithesis of combativeness – representatives of Mediators Beyond Borders, a group that aims to help resolve the world’s most vexing, persistent fights using Kheel-style methods to break a complicated battle into manageable parts. The video above conveys the scene and includes a short interview with Alan Gross, a mediator and co-founder of the group.

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