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New Group Created at ADRhub.com:
School Based Conflict Resolution
From the group's homepage- There is an African proverb which suggests, “don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped.” We have now fallen on litigation as a way to solve our problems. How often do you hear, “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer”, or, “I’ll see you in court”, or even, “I’m suing”? Why do we rely so heavily on a court judgment, several thousands of dollars and lost relationships later, to solve our problems? We are educated in math, language, the sciences, and basic life skills, but not the intricacies of communication proficiency and conflict resolution. Where we have slipped is in the education of our children as it relates to the concepts of conflict resolution.

This group page will effectively discuss what types of conflict resolution practices we are employing in our schools – what is working and where there are opportunities. It will also highlight current programs, provide a listing of grant opportunities and resources available for research.We are actively looking for information on school-based conflict resolution programs in order to create a comprehensive network of professionals in this arena. Please contact Cheryl Thibodeau (thibodeau.cheryl@gmail.com) with submissions.
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Eric Cissell- In the last week, I found myself stumbling on a variety of articles covering peace programs and conflict resolution efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

The majority of the articles focused on organizations driven by democratic values that employed an array of intervention practices in order to cultivate and/or preserve democratization in volatile countries within these regions.

For example, the Carter Center was previously involved in the observation of Palestinian Elections. Acting as neutral agents within the political process, it was their intent to ensure fairness within the election procedures by deterring corruption and fostering participation by all citizens.

... But, while learning about the practices of the Carter Center and other organizations intervening in politically related activities and injecting democratic values into various states, I could not help and think about the concept of cultural universalism.

Jeff Thompson- ...So, while deciding to get People or Star Magazine which will let me know how Heidi Montag is doing (don't know who she is? Good!) and what Kim Kardashian is up to, I came across in the best seller section the book The No A$$hole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace & Surviving One That Isn't by Robert I. Sutton, PhD.

...While going through the book, I came across on page 121 the test on how to find out if you are a certified a$$hole. While looking through it, I wondered if others in our field have read this and their thoughts on it.

I thought this could be potentially useful for conflict coaches and those helping people from the non-neutral position although mediators and ombudsman can use versions of these questions to gather more information and get the party(s) to reflect.

Matthew J. Starman- As the song goes, never discuss politics or religion. Today, I am going to break that rule. One cannot ignore the amount of political propaganda going on. Political ideologies are spewed out for all to hear in rallies hoping to reach the all important undecided vote.

I often find myself fighting a battle on the inside on which side to listen to and support. Each side often has some valid points, but some ideas make me cringe a bit. I want everyone to have a fair shake at opportunities, but why should have to pay for others?

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Podcast Series Episode #6 Do You Know USIP- the United States Institute of Peace?

Join host Jeff Thompson and guest David J. Simith, National Education Outreach Coordinator for USIP, as they discuss the work and purpose of USIP; current work USIP is involved in; and important information for those involved in conflict resolution.

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