Mediation Work in Barcelona

Hello or more appropriately buenos dias from Barcelona, Spain. I really should be saying that in Catalan though!

I have been here for over a week thanks to the New York Interfaith Center, the NYPD and UNESCO-CAT.

I am part of an interfaith delegation from New York as part of a three year, three city trip between New York City, Barcelona and Glasgow. I was invited by the Interfaith Center of New York because of the conflict resolution and interfaith work I do on behalf of the NYPD.

I have been fortunate enough to meet with police here (Mossos de'esquadra and Guardia Urbana) and learn how there are mediation referral programs in place as well as the city council has a dedicated unit working in mediation, conflict resolution and interfaith work.

There is way too much to type in a single blog post that would fail to explain the deep impact this is having on me and i hope to share with the NYPD, the city I serve, my mediation practice, and my few readers too!

One thing I will share for now is realizing how the work here is very similar to the work and motivations we have at home in New York as well as Glasgow yet the implementations vary due to the culture of each area. I try to discern each moment and event here ranging from the mediators explaining their process in Barcelona to the other end of the spectrum- simple and perhaps silly things realizing when someone ordered
a glass of orange juice, they received along with it a packet of sugar to put in it!

Enjoy the photos!

"Home" while in Barcelona. It is a Catholic home for nuns and allows visitors to stay on the first two floors.

That is the chair I am blogging from.

The famous Segrada Familia. This church has been under construction since 1886! Talk about a mindful reminder about how our work might not be completed.... In this century!

You can take the detective out of New York but you can't away my love for doughnuts!

My new love- un cortado!

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Location:Carrer Alt de Gironella,Barcelona,Spain

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