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The Difference between Settlement and Resolution
Susan Diehl-
...Settlement, especially in a litigation context, means that all elements are in place to end a conflict. This may result in the payment of money, the doing of tasks, or the ending of a lawsuit. What settlement sometimes fails to address is the root cause of the conflict. Often, settlement processes focus on getting to the "bottom line" of monies to be paid. It is haggling, posturing and distributive bargaining.
Australia: Civil Dispute Resolution Bill Introduced
The Bill implements recommendations by the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council following its recent inquiry into the use of alternative dispute resolution in the civil justice system administered federally. Those recommendations seek to address a number of perceived inefficiencies
The explanatory memorandum states that the bill aims to:

* Change the adversarial culture often associated with disputes;
* Have people turn their minds to resolution before becoming entrenched in a litigious position, and
* Where a dispute cannot be resolved, ensure that issues are properly identified, reducing the time required for a court to determine the matter.

Debunking Persistent Myths in the Mediation World
A myth is a commonly-held but false belief, a common misconception, or a popular conception which exaggerates or idealizes reality (see
here for more definitions).
Does the mediation world have its own myths? In this episode facilitated by Tammy Lenski, Diane Levin and Amanda Bucklow discuss persistent myths in our field, where they come from, how much (if any) truth is in them, and what we think should be done with them. We focus on these three questions:
What persistent myths most vex us and why?
What do those myths, individually or collectively, do to public understanding of our work?
What should mediators and other ADR professionals do when they hear these myths perpetuated?
Our recent web panel discussion featured Ken Cloke of Mediators Beyond Borders. The archive can be listened to [here].
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