NYT Names New Ombudsman

DailyFinance.com announces the new New York Times ombudsman with the following title:

The New Public Editor at the New York Times: Another White Dude

From the article:

The public editor of The New York Times is meant to be the so-called reader's representative -- the official at the paper whose sole job is "to serve as an advocate for the interests of readers," in the words of executive editor Bill Keller. But Times readers -- and Times employees, for that matter -- come in every combination of sex, race and religion, whereas its public editors to date have only come in one flavor: white, middle-aged men.The paper just named veteran newspaperman Arthur S. Brisbane to the job, replacing Clark Hoyt, who recently finished his term of service. Brisbane is only the fourth person to hold the post at the Times, which didn't see the need for a public editor (which many papers call an ombudsman) until after scandal caused by Jayson Blair's fabrications. Hoyt and his two predecessors, Byron Calame and Daniel Okrent, are all white males.

Read the full article [here].

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