Mindfulness & Mediation

Enjoy the archive of the recent web panel discussion I participated in with Mark Kleiman at www.ADRhub.com. I hope you enjoy it!

The following is the text from ADRhub:

Join Mark Kleiman, Esq., Executive Director, Community Mediation Services, Inc. and Jeff Thompson, Mediator, EnjoyMediation.com & ADRhub.com, as they discuss Mindfulness and Mediation at ADRhub.com’s June Web Panel Discussion.

Mark and Jeff recently presented at the ACR-Greater New York Chapter’s annual conference on the subject of how mediators as well as other conflict specialists are able to use mindfulness practices to increase self awareness as well as be able to better serve clients.

They will each explain how they use mindfulness practices while also referring to research, studies and recent publications on the topic. Half of this 30 minute discussion will be dedicated to questions and comments from the audience so sign up today!

Below is a condensed version of the event. To see the full featured version, click [HERE} and just enter your name under participant.

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