Media Matters Q&A With New NYT Ombuds

Here's one (of 13) questions Joe Strupp, of, asked the newly appointed New York Times Ombudsman, Arthur S. Brisbane:

Q. The New York Times comes under more attacks than ever in today's Internet age. Will you feel a need to respond to other news outlet complaints, and those from bloggers and web sites more than readers?

A. No, I would not feel obligated to respond more promptly or energetically to the blogosphere than I would to the readers of The New York Times. I would be interested to see what it's like. The readers of the Times are an incredibly important constituency. The blogosphere is a place where legitimate issues surface and I want to track all that and filter that, but I also understand that to the extent that people set themselves up as institutional foils for the sake of it, I suppose I would be mindful of those things.

I don't want to devote my time to engage in partisan political warfare. I want to be an independent, fair-minded voice addressing issues. It is not really so much who raises the issue, it is the legitimacy of the issue.

Read the full Q & A [here].

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