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Tom Kosakowski- John Zinsser is a vigorous and thoughtful advocate for Organizational Ombuds, but he is no Pollyanna. He is currently concerned about the role of the Ombuds program at BP and how that will impact perceptions of the field by the public at large, the management/leadership communities and the politically powerful.
Zinsser summarizes the history of BP's Ombuds program and its relationship to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill...
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Don't Touch, Especially the Women
Steve Mehta-
There have been several studies over the years that show that slight physical contact between two people interacting is good for the connectivity of the person. However, I just saw an article that reflects that touching might increase risk taking. Here is an abstract of the article:
We show that minimal physical contact can increase people’s sense of security and consequently lead them to increased risk-taking behavior. In three experiments, with both hypothetical and real payoffs, a female experimenter’s light, comforting pat on the shoulder led participants to greater financial risk taking. Further, this effect was both mediated and moderated by feelings of security
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I came across this article whle looking up mediation news in Australia and thought some would find it interesting. See my comments below:
A study by Griffith University into franchise conflict has revealed the need for better communication between franchisors and their franchisees.
..."Thirty one per cent of the franchisees indicated that communication within their franchising relationship was unsatisfactory. Disturbingly, the study also found that 49 per cent of franchisees relied heavily on their gut feeling when deciding to go into franchising.

Cafe Mediate: Keeping Cool in Chaos- How Mediators Recover Their Balance
Keeping Cool in Chaos: How Mediators Recover Their Balance The act of mediating, in some ways, is the act of stepping into chaos. Bumps in the road during mediation are not the exception, but th…
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