New Idea For Conflict Resolution?

I thought some people would find this interesting:

Written by: Andrew Stroehlein
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I had a fascinating meeting at Google in London this morning. Attended by some very senior journalists, former top-level government officials, and representatives of NGOs, universities, and think tanks, the three- or four-hour session looked at a proposal for a new way to approach conflict prevention.

Called "PAX", the idea is to gather SMS, images and video from the general public in areas of conflict (in the style of FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi), and combine that with satellite imagery to form a massive open database that could be accessed to help pressure key governments and others into preventative action.

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea. The mediation center that I work for is located in neighborhood in constant transition. There is plenty of drug activity and crime, but also countless dedicated, engaged community members. As drug activity, along with heated arguments, have increased in our neighborhood, the police presence dwindled. That is until two murders occurred within a week. Now, there is a patrol car on every corner all day and night. I think an idea like this could really encourage community activism and go a long way to preventing violence.


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