iPhones, Dispute System Design & Suicide

I recently read on the Huffington Post an article about the numerous suicides happening at the factory in China which makes Apple's iPhones, iPods & iPods (I bought one!) this past year.

Looking at it through a conflict resolution, and a conflict/dispute system design perspective, this is what the factory is doing to try and overcome this unfortunate reoccurring tragedy.

The company plans to institute new measures it hopes will prevent additional employee deaths. In addition to installing safety nets on Foxconn buildings, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said more counselors would be hired, and explained that "employees were being divided up into 50-member groups, whose members would watch for signs of emotional trouble within their group." The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday that the factory had also asked their employees to sign a "no suicide" pledge."

My opinion aside, I am intersted in knowing what others think of this approach- specifically the last section (the pledge).


Full article [here].

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