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Join us on Thursday, April 29th at 5:30pm est. as Rita Callahan with tell us about her experiences working as a Conflict Specialist with New York City electric company Con Edison. She will also describe her vast experiences as a conflict coach and tips for those looking to get into the field. [read more here]
Embryo Custody Mediation
Steve Mehta- What will a mother in Missouri, a parent in California, and a mediator in San Francisco do with the case of embryonic mediation? A news story out of the San Francisco Chronicle reported on the story of a couple in California that contractually gave embryos to a midwestern couple for adoption/donation. Here is the story:

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Why Bother With Arbitration Law?
Philip J. Loree Jr.- Readers are excruciatingly aware of the amount of time and energy we expend on what seems at first blush to be a relatively arcane area of the law: practice and procedure under the Federal Arbitration Act. It is a practice area that arises under a single federal statute that consists of three chapters and a handful of rather skeletal provisions. Why is this stuff so important?
If you hold yourself out to be a commercial litigator who handles arbitration proceedings arising under the Federal Arbitration Act, then you need to know arbitration law cold (or co-counsel with someone who does). If you do not, then you have no business representing clients in arbitration proceedings.

Introduction To The Ombuds Blog
Tom Kosokowski- I began publishing the Ombuds Blog in November 2006, shortly after began working as an ombudsperson for UCLA. I had previously worked as an attorney, handling attorney discipline and legal malpractice cases, and I was familiar with rich array of resources for attorneys. I quickly realized, on the other hand, that the organizational ombuds field was still evolving into a profession.
Although the field had developed significantly in just a couple of decades, it lacked many of the features of an established profession, such as a defined body of law, a certification process, peer-reviewed scholarship, or even a directory of practitioners. I decided to publish a blog to fill some of the gaps that I perceived.

Social Media For Lawyers, Mediators, Negotiators & Friends
Victoria Pynchon- I make these presentations because people ask me all the time how to use and maximize the value of social networking to build their businesses. This presentation includes a YouTube video on building a network with Facebook Fan Pages...

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