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What happens when I try to keep up with three of the top mediation experts?

You can find out by listenting in on the latest podcast at Cafe Mediate. I joined Tammy Lenski of Making Mediation Your Day Job, Diane Levin of The Mediation Channel, and London-based Amanda Bucklow of The Mediation Times.

We discussed what makes a 'great mediator' from each of our perspectives.

Listen to the the podcast and visit Cafe Mediate [here] or visiting iTunes [here].


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  1. You are SERIOUSLY underselling yourself, my friend! :) You were equal to us in every way and I know I benefitted so much from your ideas, your views and the very lovely way you framed parts of our conversation. We each play a role in lifting the rest of the group and converstion up and I think you excelled at that. So glad you're part of the conversation, Jeff.


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