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Recent Web Panel Discussions:
Mediators Beyond Borders [January/2010] Original Format [here] (just enter a name under participant) or the embedded version [here]. I recommend the original version.

Web 2.0 Discussion [November/2009]- read more [here] and view the archive [here].

A new series from Enjoy Mediation offers everyone an opportunity to engage other professionals, scholars and practitioners from the ADR field. Find out what others are doing, why they are doing it and how you can either get involved or incorporate their successes into your practice.

This new service is perfect for students, 'newbies' to ADR and people looking to get into the ADR profession.

For the established ADR practitioner/scholar/professional, learn and hear from the people and organizations in a new way that has not been offered before. You are no longer limited to attending costly conferences and limited tele-conferences.

This series is free for people to participate and will also be archived for those who can not be there their live. For those who are able to make it live, it is not just a phone conference call. Enjoy Mediation embraces new technology which means you get to listen, and watch online. The technology also features text chatting and 'white board' technology.

See an example of how it works [here] and also see it works on your computer. For those who still enjoy phone conference calls, you have that option too!

Have Questions? Let me know by leaving feedback here below or emailing me: mediator.jeff [at] gmail.com

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