Mediators Beyond Borders, Web Panel Discussion

Join’s Jeff Thompson as he host’s his first web panel discussion of the year. Find out about Mediators Beyond Borders- how it started, what they have been up and all the different ways you can get involved.

What: Web panel discussion
When: THURSDAY, JANUARY 21st, 3-3:30pm, Eastern Standard Time.
Where: Anywhere/everywhere. It’s online, so it doesn’t matter where you are.
Cost: Free! Yes, it’s free but you must sign up and spots are limited. See below.
Supported By:
Werner Institute of Negotiation & Dispute Resolution, School of Law, Creighton University

Jeff will be joined by Kenneth Cloke, President of MBB and other members of MBB to hear from them what they have been doing on behalf of Mediators Beyond Borders. They will also explain the many different ways you can get involved as a support, mediator, or student.

Join us in this new innovative series which allows you to engage in the discussion. No longer are you are the silent audience member (although that is still allowed if you wish!), but you now have the option to interactive with the panel by asking questions via video/audio and text box chat. Other features with this interactive technology include ‘white board’ technology. If you do not have access to a computer, you can still call in via the old fashioned phone in option.

Not sure about technology and if you know how to work it? No worries, just ask, we will happily help you out.

Make sure it works prior by checking out our archived event from Cyber Week 2009 [here].

Spots are limited so sign up now emailing Jeff: mediator.jeff [at] or add your comment including your name and email at the bottom (don't worry, comments on this page are private)

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, the event will archived in its original format to view online as well as a MP4 file so you can download it.

Learn more:
Werner Institute of Negotiation & Dispute Resolution, School of Law, Creighton University
Host, Jeff Thompson
MBB President, Kenneth Cloke

Enjoy Mediation
Mediator’s Beyond Borders


  1. Hello,

    I'd like to sign up for the web panel discussion
    THURSDAY, JANUARY 21st, 3-3:30pm

    Matthew Starobin

  2. Matthew,

    I need you to email me your email address so I can register you. I am holding a spot for you. My email is mediator.jeff [at]


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