NYPD & The 3 C's: Communication, Community & Cricket

Thinking Outside the Box?

NYPD (New York City Police Department) UNITED Soccer and NYPD Cricket are two programs which I (the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau) created to reach out to the young men primarily in the Muslim community as a way to create communication and understanding between the Police and the community.

With the mindset of a practicing ADR professional, I created both programs as a genuine way to reach out to the young men of the communities as soccer and cricket are the sports they play. We (the NYPD) feel it is a great way to breakdown barriers and generate understanding- all while having fun!

I would like to share with everyone an article the New York Times wrote on our Cricket program (it was even mentioned on the front page!).

The article is [here] and a great corresponding NYT's video is [here].

If you are interested you can learn more about the programs here:

http://NYPDunitedcricket.blogspot.com. As an example of reaching out to the audience, we even created a twitter account (www.twitter.com/nypdunited), a YouTube page (www.youtube.com/nypdunitedcricket) and a blog type site.
Just added- the CNN news segment covering the NYPD Cricket program (see below).


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