Mindfulness Training Busts Stress

Mindfulness Training Busts Stress

For all the negotiators and mediators- you know the saying of the best way to promote a practice (effective listening, communication skills, etc.) is to set the example by doing it yourself?

Well, have a read:

The study included 103 participants. Half were given written instructions on how to handle stress at work; the others, including Waugh, were taught techniques to cultivate mindfulness, such as yoga poses, breathing methods, stretches and meditation -- all designed to help workers cope with too many e-mails, ringing phones and the occasional nasty co-worker.

So, if you want to remove stress from yourself as well as from the parties in your mediation, some type of mindfulness practice might help.

Read the CNN article [here]


  1. Hi,

    You've a very wonderful weblog. Many people don't fully grasp what mind power can do to one's achievement.

  2. Camilyn,

    Thank you for your comments and yes I agree with you and that's why I always say it is a always a work in progress! :)


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