Mediation & Technology... Uh-oh!

Well, my tiny EEE PC901 , 8.9 inch screen is going to be put to the test. As I prepare to write blog posts worthy of getting me an award at next year's CPR annual event in the catagory for Short Article (& Blog) at the ABA Spring Conference here in NYC later this week, I realize two things-

1) I have small hands

2) My hands seem HUGE when trying to type on my ultra-portable netbook.

Why did my fellow bloggers, and much more the experts, Geoff, Diane, or Victoria (among others) not warn me of this potential tech-problem? Tammy Lenski, blogger over at MediatorTech surely should have something, anything on the dangers and lure of ultra portable netbooks?!? :)

I thought I was being 'hip' by buying this great little gadget but my errors in typing are as frequent as smiles at the end of my mediations (full of myself today, eh?).

I worked out a very complex math equation:
my small hands + extremely small keyboard + usual posts with typos + ABA Spring Conference = Memorable Posts @ Enjoy Mediation!

Well, thats all. What more did you expect from a Sunday morning post anyway?


  1. Jeff, I failed you and will work hard to make it up to you :)

    So I wrote about netbooks. People who want to see the post can click on my name for the link to the post.

    Have fun at the ABA -- I'll miss hanging with you all.

  2. Jeff. I have the Samsung 10 inch version. I love it. I had similar problems with the 8-9 inch screen. the keyboard was too small and it felt like I was typing on a child's computer keyboard.

    the samsung has a larger keyboard that is full size for laptop. add the 2 gig ram upgrade and you won't be sorry. I carry it everywhere. remember, though it is not great for high processing power things. word, excel, email, etc. no problem.


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