ABA Day 2

Day 2

Day Two

0830 On the train, reading the complex ;) NY Post. Cuba and the USA ready to talk? Chavez and Obama on a cruise together in the Caribean? What next, dogs and cats getting along?

0900 Looking forward to the sessions today but upon entering the exhibit hall, there is no coffee! Arrghh, makes me think of what today’s light lunch will be?

0905 I did not bring any crispy kreme donuts (see yesterday’s post). In unrelated news, no one is sitting with me or talking to me.

0915 Just had a pleasant talk with Jim from
www.mediate.com. I wonder, has anyone ever had a conversation with Jim that was not pleasant?

0920 First session I plan on attending
1)Designing Justice: Dispute System Design and Justice in Education, Courts, Communities and Employment
2)Designing Effective Public Input Processes: How To Turn Controversies into Collaborations
3) Marketing Plan Workshop
As for the third, hopefully it will help me get more hits than just mom and dad reading my blog (actually, they don‘t even read it).

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