Police to Nudge You to Mediation!

Singapore Police To Nudge People Towards Mediation

Hey, 'nudging' is better than dragging and macing someone into mediation, right? And if they refuse such a nudge? Well, it can be held against them if it the matter goes to court. Unfortunately the article does not clarify what that means.

This 'nudging' program started in 1998 and each year it has seen the caseload increase sixfold.

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Federal Mediators In Texas Town
PARIS, Tex. — The killing of Brandon McClelland, though horrible, never fit the classic description of a lynching. The police say two friends ran him over with a pickup truck after an argument during a night of drinking.
But Mr. McClelland was black and the men accused of killing him are white, and his gruesome death has reignited ugly feelings between races that have plagued this small town for generations, going back to the days 100 years ago when it was the scene of brutal public lynchings...
Still, the suspicions and ill will have grown so strong that the federal Department of Justice has dispatched a team of mediators to get residents to begin talking about the problem and to propose possible resolutions.
Last month, about 100 people of all races went to a building on the fairgrounds to vent their frustrations, while federal mediators took notes and tried to keep the peace.

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Faith Based Mediation Going Strong- Over 20 Years In Indiana
NORTH MANCHESTER - Education for Conflict Resolution began in 1989, organized by local residents interested in making their community a better place to live.And 20 years later, ECR is still going strong.
It was started through the Church and Community Project board, consisting primarily of North Manchester community leaders, which first organized in 1987. With a three-year Lily Endowment, the board was looking for a worthwhile project...

...“ECR has three primary services,” Duffy said. “They are Community Mediation, Training (team building, conflict resolution), and our Resource Materials.”
Full article [here]

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