Mobile Mediation and Negotiation Tips 2.26.09

Here is today's mobile mediation and negotiation tips. What do I mean by 'mobile'? I am thinking of this and typing it while on the train so enjoy!

5 Tips For Using Silence As A Tool

1- It puts the pressure on the other party (meaning it's not on you). By feeling the need to say something in order to break the silence will possibly get them to move away from their position, and give you insight on their interests.

newbies: remember, it is usually better to mediate/negotiate on interests compared to positions; it helps with expanding the pie and all that good stuff.

2- it let's the other party continue speaking, which allows them the feeling of being heard (note, for this, silence should be combined with other tools like nodding, open-ended questions, etc.)

3- Silence tests how firm they are in the comment they just made. If they feel strong about it, they will repeat it.

4- it gives you time to think.

5- it helps you remain cool (heck, combine it with three breathes!) so you will respond, NOT react.
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