Fired During Mediation!

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New Mediation Program In the Twin Cities
This article [here] talks about a new court of Appeals mediation program in the Twin Cities. Worth the fews minutes to read.

What I would like to point out is the issue of paid mediators versus voluntarily service. The program received a one year grant for $30,000.

...But the mediators say they cannot remain pro bono for long. “The program will probably continue after the first year pilot if they are willing to find people willing to do cases at a lower rate,” said Niemi. “I’d be willing to do sliding scale and pro bono as long as there are some paying clients.”

What is not clear is how the mediator is paid? Are they employees of the court system? Are they considered the same as outside contractors?

The question I ask everyone is how are the programs you are involved in handled- are the mediators paid or volunteers? If paid, how is the payment decided?

onto other news...

Mediation Talks Hailed a Success By Police
Mediation between young people and residents on the Knollmead estate in Kingston has been hailed a success by police.

Recent conflict in the area was managed in the short-term by a dispersion order but the council realised this was not an efffective solution and called in Peaceworks Mediation, a professional cross-cultural service, to help bridge the gap.

The lead mediator and his team met with both groups and an agreement to engage in a mediation process was made.
Read the full article [here]

Fired During the Mediation!
That's right, well at least the article says so. One party comes to mediation to work things out, the other party comes to fire someone!

...The complaint comes after a failed attempt at mediating Kamps' claims on January 12, 2009. According to the complaint, the firm has subjected Kamps to a long course of adverse action, including firing her during the January 12, 2009 mediation session aimed at settling the matter. "I have been mistreated by Fried, Frank and hope to shine a light on the differences between the firm's official policies and what the partners actually do," said Kamps.

Read it [here]

Students Key In Mediation
SCHENECTADY — Mary Ann McGovern has coordinated more than 200 successful peer mediations at Schenectady High School, closely monitoring students as they work together to resolve conflicts through conversation.

The retired police detective has built upon her experiences in the field to help reduce the number of violent incidents at the school, by coordinating the Center for Community Justice's peer mediation program. The position is funded through an annual contract between the center and the Schenectady City School District.

"Peer mediators are a group of trained, dedicated students who help their fellow classmates resolve their own issues," said McGovern, who has served as mediation coordinator for a year. "We do not give advice or judge. We just guide the mediation process."

Full Story [here]

Bury Mediation Scheme Launched
The Whitefield office of Contour Homes has teamed up with housing colleagues at Irwell Valley Housing Association and Bury Councils Anti Social Behaviour Team to launch a free mediation team for Bury residents.

Ann Walton from Contour Homes said: “This scheme is quite unique because it is bringing together housing experts from different organisations. All parties are ‘loaning’ their experts free of charge in order to provide an impartial service to people living in Bury.”

Previously all organisations would have used the services of an external consultant, however this has proved expensive and Ann Walton believes this year long pilot service will not only save money but will also help share good practice amongst themselves.

“Essentially the service is for neighbours who have fallen out and are at the stage where they can no longer talk to each other,” she said. “Our trained mediators will work with all parties to find a solution that is agreeable to everyone.”

The mediators from each organisation will not be asked to mediate on any cases referred by their own organisation to ensure strict impartiality.
Full story [here]

Mediator Honored By Victoria Police Department
From Police.Vic.Gov.Au
Inspector Allan Folvig, Staff Officer to Assistant Commissioner Paul Evans.
Allan Folvig’s commitment to Victoria Police and the community it serves is genuine. Throughout his 29 plus year career, he has displayed dedication in completing all tasks requested or required of him in an efficient manner. His is known for his commitment to instigating changes to departmental practices that increase the effectiveness of personnel and overall improve community safety.

He is widely known for his professional attitude, investigative skills, leadership skills, knowledge, experience and integrity which has been recognised by his appointment to a specialist Task Force and the National Crime Authority (Australian Crime Commission).

Since 2004, he has been highly sought after to assist in the resolution of workplace conflict issues where his understanding nature has resulted in the successful mediation of these matters. The numerous favourable comments received from all parties involved attests to this. He is also highly regarded for his mentoring of other mediators.

Throughout his career, Allan Folvig has served Victoria Police and the community in a professional and ethical manner at all times. His quiet nature makes him a respected achiever and is recognised for his dedication to serving and protecting the Victorian community.

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