There Are No Decent Mediators in Pittsburgh... or the USA!

Not For Everything & Everyone

I came across an article the other day regarding the Dalai Lama and how he feels ahimsa, or 'doing no harm', does not work with terrorists.

That's right, arguably the most well known figure in the non violent path and advocate of using communication to prevent violent conflict is saying this.

How do I connect this with mediation? Well, I think it is a friendly reminder that although we are champion promoters of mediation and the ADR cause, that does not mean everyone else is, and thus mediation is not the best choice for them. It also means that not every situation can benefit with mediation being used.

This is also food for thought in considering how mediation can play a role, or if it even should, in various situations around the world (Israel-Gaza, North Korea, Iran, etc.)?

The Dalai Lama goes on to mention the best way to combat terrorism is through prevention... and he loves George Bush!

Read the full article [here]

Mediation Solves All Kinds of Conflicts
Hmmm, did you know that? This article talks about mediation in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. No, I never heard of Sunbury either but even issues regarding your neighbor's bull grazing in your yard is good for mediation... enjoy!
Read the article [here]

There are no Good Mediators in Pittsburgh... Or the USA
Well at least a judge in Butler County, Pennsylvania thinks that, so he brought in a mediator who splits time in Ireland and New York and charges $500 an hour.

From the article- The mediator will be John T. Madden, described by county Solicitor Julie Graham as "well-known" for his ability to bring about agreements that forestall trials.

To Mr. Madden's defense, whom I do not know, his website lists his extensive experience and credentials.

Full article [here]

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