Lions and Pandas and Foxes, oh my!

Lions and Pandas and Foxes, Oh My!

Ron Kraybill, PhD, has over at his site a new version of Style Matters ( ) in which he goes over the various negotiating styles. The layout is simple- you take a test, tally the score and see which 'animal' you are most when you negotiate. Then you read about the pros and cons of each style and the best and worst time to use such a style.

the 5 styles are:
Cooperating Owl
Directing Lion
Compromising Fox
Avoiding Turtle
Harmonizing Panda

So which animal are you.... thats is if you dare to check :)

Note 1: The link provides a free version of the book to review, if you are interested in using it, I suggest you purchase it.

Note 2: I originally found out about this from the Mediation Channel

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