Barking Up The Right Tree

Barking Up the Right Tree
Dog noise complaints are increasing so much in Phoenix, Arizona, that the city is enlisting the Phoenix School of law to have its students run a downtown mediation clinic dealing specifically with the barking complaints.
Full story [here]
I am including a good worksheet that you might find useful in preparing yourself for a negotiation, or someone else. There are many like this out there but I feel this is one is plain, simple, and to the point... and only one page.
It is copyrighted, but they say feel free to freely use it and distribute. The copyright says though you can not change or alter it so I guess you can only print it in color :)
The link for the download is at the bottom of this link [here] labeled "free worksheet".
Come to think of it, you might as well check out the entire site as they have chock full of information that could help you. Sections include: Problem Sovling, Stress Management, Practical Creativity, Communication Skills, and Information Skills among others.

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