Bang Some Heads!

Bang Some Heads!

Don't all mediators say 'let's bang some heads' in reference to trying to get a mediation moving? Well, that's what Canadian Premier Dalton McGuinty is telling the country's top mediator to do in order to end an 11 week strike that has left over 5,000 York University students in academic limbo.
perhaps "let's bang some heads" could be added to your mediator toolbox?
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Many Complaints, not enough Mediators
An interesting tidbit from the article:
The mediation office has 15 full-time staff members, up from six people when Rogers started with the office in 2004. The added staffing has made a difference: in 2002, mediators closed 2,438 complaints and helped recover about $414,000, less than half the 2008 amount.

Mediation Decreases Malpractice Case Load
Mandatory mediation of medical malpractice cases seems to be speeding the judicial process in Madison County, Ill.
When the mandate took effect in 2007, 65 cases were pending. During the next 15 months, 24 went to mediation. Fifteen of those cases (62%) settled.
“Frankly, I'm surprised the success rate is so high — pleasantly surprised,” says Circuit Court Judge David Hylla.

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When custody disputes get dicey, a third party often mediates the split
A "did you know" from the article:
The list of approved mediators, like the local court system’s family law mediation program, is a result of an Illinois Supreme Court ruling requiring mandatory mediation in contested child custody and visitation cases.
How are child custody cases handled in your state/country?
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Mediation Here to Stay (Tampa, Florida)
Did you know this:
Florida has the nation's most extensive court mediation and alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, system. It began with the establishment of one the first citizen dispute settlement centers, in Dade County in 1975. The state of Florida is a leader, mostly through its mandated "mediation before trial" rules.
Also they used require all mediators to be lawyers, however that changed in 2007.
Full story [here]

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